A Happy Lizard

This tiny lizard was enjoying his day on a tiny patch of grass near a main road. The dangers that threaten him are infinite, yet his ignorance to them allow for his bliss.

Our patch of grass may sometimes be just a bit less tiny and a bit less green.

Here is the Hop of the Happy Lizard, a little song I composed for this marvelous little creature.

Where does inspiration come from?

Blue by David Rivera

When asked where does my inspiration come from I must say that I don’t always have a ready answer. It is as if I was the medium through which music is sent from somewhere far away only to be converted into something we can understand and actually hear. In other words, to attempt to find out where music comes from is an attempt in futility.

The Song of the Grasshopper

The little insects all around us are completely mesmerizing should we take the time to actually look at them.  They are busy doing their daily things, contributing just as much as we are, to life’s struggle.  It’s all beautiful to contemplate.


A Pondering Spider Weaves

We tend to assume that many animals have the capacity to have anthropomorphic feelings, at least to a degree. It’s easy to make this mistake with animals we are close to, such as our dogs and our cats. But, I wonder, can a spider have any feelings that we as humans would recognize whatsoever?

I observed a spider weaving his web and I imagined it pondering about its life as it waited patiently for its prey. A Pondering Spider Weaves is one of my piano pieces, from the Piano Reveries album, that attempt to describe those feelings musically.

Also, here is a 4K video showing a spider waiting patiently.

Finding peace on the beach

Living on the beach has been one of the blessing of my life. The beach has served as a source of inspiration for my musical muses.  I have witnessed many changes during the years I’ve been here. I understand why people are drawn to the beauty of this place.  I hope we can keep it forever.

Below is a post to my Facebook page, that shows a little video I created when on this magnificent beach.

Music as Therapy

Studies in music therapy give ample evidence that music can alleviate feelings of depression and pain. The appropriate kind of music can distract people from what causes them pain and provide them instead with a pleasant diversion. This can potentially lead to faster healing. I hope this little high-res video of a tree fluttering in the wind, accompanied by one of my piano compositions, will contribute to the music therapy field.

Traveling, a prescription for inspiration 

We must strive to leave our everyday location and change the experiences our souls and senses receive in order to create new art. 

It is key that we truly do leave so that we are open to the new. In order to do so, we as travelers must be cognizant that we usually bring ourselves to the trips we embark upon. Why not attempt to leave ourselves behind so that we can, with new eager selves, experience new stimuli and thus be renewed. 

Food for thought as you listen to some songs from far away:

What song does my city sing?

It seems there is always a melody in my mind.  The challenge has always been to bring this music out on the piano.  They say that words are not enough. Well, I contend that music by itself is not necessarily enough.  Music conveys and describes, but not completely. Yet, sometimes music conveys more than what could possibly be described in just words, or just pictures.

Thoughts of the Flying Dandelion

The sun is almost setting when I see the flying dandelion. I think to myself, should this dandelion think, what would it think about? Is it possible for a dandelion to have little dandelion thoughts. To worry about where it will land.  To hope that it arrives at a fertile ground and not in water.  So much the poor dandelion has to worry about, and yet, he doesn’t for he will arrive wherever he arrives, and that will be his fate.

Listen to my piano solo interpretation of the thoughts of the little dandelion here.

Happy listening, and let me know what you think.