The delights of life

When looking at this picture, do you see the bleakness of human life?  This question is not rhetorical.  It’s also not meant as a juxtaposition of apparent beauty with “bleakness”, something most of us associate with a much greyer picture.  Why is there bleakness and despair here?

My piano music has been described as relaxing, yet sad.  I wonder whether beauty is surreptitiously related to sadness.

When all you need is good piano music


In an attempt to regain who I am, I usually listen to good music.  There are countless studies on the benefits of putting yourself in an environment where the senses are not attacked by damaging stimuli.  But, like smoking, the studies tell us one thing while we insist on being stubborn and listening to things that can objectively be categorized as garbage.  I guess garbage is to some an acquired taste.