Traveling, a prescription for inspiration 

We must strive to leave our everyday location and change the experiences our souls and senses receive in order to create new art. 

It is key that we truly do leave so that we are open to the new. In order to do so, we as travelers must be cognizant that we usually bring ourselves to the trips we embark upon. Why not attempt to leave ourselves behind so that we can, with new eager selves, experience new stimuli and thus be renewed. 

Food for thought as you listen to some songs from far away:

What song does my city sing?

It seems there is always a melody in my mind.  The challenge has always been to bring this music out on the piano.  They say that words are not enough. Well, I contend that music by itself is not necessarily enough.  Music conveys and describes, but not completely. Yet, sometimes music conveys more than what could possibly be described in just words, or just pictures.